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TAP -Talent Acceleration Program by SONIX, it aims to Empower India. Which is to provide means for newly graduates to achieve strong technical and professional skills and become successful in their career. This is solely for fresher's who are looking for a career path or seeking knowledge. TAP IS SIMPLY DEFINED AS CAREER BOOSTER.


There is a constant notable need of individuals with essential skill and should be experienced both technically and professionally. Sonix aim is create individuals who are both skilled and efficient. There is a skill gap between newly graduates and the industries, this is mainly due to the standard difference between "what we get taught at institutions and what is needed at industries". Our goal is to fix that gap and make fresher's prepared for what they will experience and skill needed in the industry.

The Future Starts Now - Kick Start your IT Career NOW

In the current 21st century, the technology domain all over the world is experiencing a remarkable change and rapid growth. To make our self significant and not to be swept away by the day to day change in the technology we need to be skilled and efficient. In this situation, where various sectors such as social and economical forces have crucial implications on the future of organizations and technology there is not a day to waste to shape up your career and future.

Don't Delay, Cause Someone Else Is Ready To Take Your Position.
Join with us- The Future Starts Now.


Deep Dive With Us Into A New Tech Era

We provide in-depth knowledge and practical experience for the below mentioned technologies:

  • Sales Force
  • AWS
  • Cyber Security
  • Java+Python
  • Full Stack Developer


Any of the chosen course will be completed in 45 days through online live-sessions. Every student is assigned to a individual mentor who guide you through your career path. By the end of the course you will receive a certificate on the chosen course after checking your skills.

After getting course certification we will also help you build your own curriculum so that it will help you get hired easily. Post certification we will also help you go through various processes such as:

Resume Building

Your Resume Is Your Professional Statement.

A resume is an necessary tool for your job search because it provides a page or two where you can display your top skills and qualities. As it is said "First Impression is the Best Impression" once you make the initial contact, there are many steps to take when you are pursuing a position. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a hiring manager. One glance at your resume and they will decide whether they want to continue reading or place it back on the stack on their desk. A highly professional resume can get the attention of hiring managers and your name can come up in future conversations.

We help you build your resume in a systematic way so that it will be helpful when you present your resume to the companies.

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are done to help induce some confidence in individuals. It helps students develop their confidence and communication skills. It also helps students a chance to make mistakes and rectify them. A mock interview helps you learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies and reduce your stress before an actual job interview. Mock Interviews are basically done to boost your confidence.

We will help you go through various mock interviews and also questions which will help you when you attend a interview.

Soft Skill Sessions

Soft skills refer to both personal attribute and basic skills that will influence how well a person can work or interact with others. Soft skills help you build relationships and solve problems to use your hard skills to their full extent. Listing soft skills on your resume, demonstrating them in an interview and developing them in the workplace can support your career and open you to new opportunities.

Group Discussions

Group discussions help you improve your listening, communication and thinking skills. It also boosts your confidence. At interviews, group discussion are conducted to test your problem solving, decision making, presentation skills and personality evaluation. Group Discussions are conducted not only to see your presentation skills but also to gauge how you react and accept the various reasons provided by other members.

We will conduct group discussions through online and also overview the process so that we can make sure that everyone is participating and expressing their ideas.

Job Assistance

At the end of all, we will help you in getting hired by suggesting you to attend interviews with the companies we are associated with which includes both online and offline hiring.